Welcome to Nozzy’s blog.


Sometimes it starts with a specific idea, other times I’m fuelled purely with a desire to mash a keyboard in some bizarre modern form of self-trepaning. Either way, the results are ultimately the same – the ramblings of my nocturnal lunacies. Yes, lunacy may seem like an outdated and offensive term, but I use it with no negativity, and not in the word’s modern perceived meaning. I’m simply luna-tic. Its like aquatic, but rather than living in water, I live in moonlight. I’m a pale fox scavenging for words in the sweet, black opal of the night. I feel most alive when the sun goes down. No other time is more magical for writing than that hazy depth of the night that stretches forever on like a grey horizon.

So you’ve come here, for one reason or another, to find out more about me, Noz. But don’t judge me for what I say I am. In honesty, I don’t think it’s fair for me to say what I am, nor does it really mean anything either. If you want to know me, then read my thoughts. I try to present from a pure origin. Much of this will be questionings, wonderings, explorations of my own mind.

Perhaps if you can stomach some of my lines, and I’m hungry enough to write something, then we will both drink the sticky syrup of knowledge. Even if nothing is learned, at least we might enjoy a smooth ride together. Raw, intoxicated grease leaking from my skull, let it bring us both peace.


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