Deleuze: Control Societies & Cybernetic Posthumanism.

The world is run by machines – systems of information processing that interpret and remake the world according to their logic.

Society is made of many machines, social, political, bureaucratic, school is an education system. Programs are used to interpret and categorise people.

Machines take in data and calculate the best path. There is a state of flow.

Machines governs your lifestyle based on demographic information. 

Deleuze highlighted 3 eras of control. Each controlled their populations with different methods of regulation.

  • Societies of Sovereignty:
    (Pre 18th c. Europe) Regulates through Death. Disobedient citizens are executed.
  • Disciplinary Societies:
    (18th-19thc.) Regulates bodies by controlling space – Individuated bodies. Imprisonment.
  • Societies of Control:
    (Mid 20th c. – Today). Regulates Access, partly via technological automation.
    Data Aggregates. (iWatch – the data is used to measure stats to determine health insurance).

Enclosures are moulds, distinct rigid castings, but controls are like modulation, that continuously reform and adapt. These modulations control your future access options. 

Machines steer your actions and data into channels. 

Cybernetics (Greek for steer) is the process of self steering.

Cybernetic systems use feedback loops to interpret information and eliminate deviation over time.
They maintain a pattern by using the distance from its deviation to return to the original balance point – like a thermostat regulating the temperature. 

Social cybernetic machines control behaviour.

These societies don’t force people to do anything, but when a user takes actions, it places them in a certain category, which targets them with their own data to control their access, they channel and steer you into the futures their designers programmed.

These forces are set in motion to shape the world to come. This is why companies that harvest a lot of data become the most powerful. 


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